Sunday School at Zion Lutheran Church

Who:     For children in pre-school – 12th grade

What:    Sunday School

When:   9:15-10:15am on Sundays 

Where: Zion School Gymnasium

Why:     Sunday School carries out the mission of Zion by Sharing Hope and Teaching Christ to the children of our congregation.  Through the teaching of Bible stories, prayer, learning by heart God’s Word and the Catechism, and singing hymns, children are given the hope of Jesus Christ to share with their neighbors.

Sunday School carries out the vision of Zion by bringing the hope of God’s Word and forgiveness to His children who are broken with sin and the harsh realities of living in a sin-filled world.  The constant message of Sunday School through the study of God’s Word is that there is forgiveness, life, and salvation in Christ even while living in a world filled with sin, death, and the devil.

Sunday School carries out the strategy of Zion by partnering with parents in passing on the faith to their children.  In no way is this ministry trying to take the place of parents.  Parents are to pass on the faith to their children.  The Sunday School ministry simply comes alongside of parents to assist in that endeavor.

Sunday School is an integral part of our cradle to grave Christian education at Zion where it is seen as a milestone in our journey of faith.  As baptism is where the life of faith began, there is nurturing that needs to take place for it to continue to grow.  Again, where this primary responsibility lies with the child’s parents, it is our privilege here at Zion to partner with parents through our Sunday School ministry in passing on the faith to their child