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Our Mission

Incredible about the book of Acts is that it demonstrates what the life of the Church is all about. Acts shows that among believers in Jesus Christ there is a regular pattern and ritual of worship (i.e. devotion to baptism, breaking of bread, apostles teaching and the prayers - Word and Sacrament) as well as a simultaneous outreach to unbelievers, wherein those unbelievers are added to the Church through the same Word and Sacrament manner of worship.


If this is true, which Lutherans certainly believe, it would only follow that assimilation and outreach of unbelievers flow out of the believers worship life. Therefore Zion's Mission statement of Sharing Hope Teaching Christ through word and sacrament Liturgical Living simply aims to give purpose and direction to our congregation by way of the New Testament Church.


Liturgical living is the understanding that the liturgy is meant to be lived and not merely performed, and that the truths confessed and the gifts we regularly receive in the liturgy are meant to be shared with all others in our daily vocational lives as family members, neighbors and coworkers.


It is recognized that some may hear the word "liturgy" and, for one reason or another, think of "boring" or "irrelevant" worship. However, fully understood the word "liturgy" refers not only to the Divine Service of God giving his gifts of grace and our response of thanksgiving and praise, but also to the regular teaching and telling of the story of Jesus Christ. The intent of the "liturgy," regardless of the different musical instruments we are free to use for accompaniment, is to frame and order our hearing, our learning, our receiving and our response to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


Understood this way liturgy is certainly evangelistic and missional. Not only does it grant gifts of grace to all participants, but it regularly teaches the story of salvation. Therefore bringing an unbelieving neighbor to such worship services is indeed a great act of love, but should always be accompanied by clear answers to any questions as well as clear communication for why we worship the way that we do. Further, when Sunday comes to an end, believers who have gathered around the liturgy can go out into the world and bear witness in our words and lives to the Christ who dwells in us as declared by the Scriptures used in the liturgy.


Worship is the place that God's gifts are given and his Word proclaimed. In worship faith is given, it is strengthened, it is sustained. In worship, instruction, teaching and discipling occur. It grounds us, renews us, feeds us and sends us out into the world to Share Hope and Teach Christ.

Our  Mission

Lutheran Church Mayer, MN

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Jesus says, "Follow me." At Zion Lutheran our endeavor is to follow Jesus Christ - day after day, week in and week out, year upon year. We desire to live in his love and rest in his forgiveness, and therefore to share it with others, especially those who do not know Jesus Christ.

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