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Our Mission

Our Strategy

Be the Royal Priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) by sharing what we have been given to share through cradle-to-grave Christian education.​​

Caring Conversations

We care for each other by sharing our stories, faith, and the virtues and values we hold dear.

Rituals & Tradition

We live out the pattern of our lives in ways that communicate what Christ has done for us which gives our lives meaning and purpose.


We stay in a relationship with our Lord through an active life of prayer and being in His word


We live out our calling as Christians in our vocations by loving and serving our neighbors (all people) as Christ served us.

Here at Zion, God has called us into His house to receive His gifts of Word and Sacrament. Strengthened and nourished by our Savior, we make it our goal to share what we have been given to share with our community. We look forward to Sharing hope and Teaching Christ with You!

Being disciples by following Jesus Christ to the poor... the meek... the destitute... the lonely... the burdened... the sick... to sinners... to the cross... and to the empty tomb!

Our Vision

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